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Exercise is optional, but movement is essential. Our team of kinesiologists will help you move well, move often, and take control of your health – so you can move free.

Movement Training / Coaching / Nutritional Counselling / Restoring Function / Building Resiliency / Strength & Conditioning / Performance Tuning

  • This time it's personal

    Every RealFit training experience starts with a full assessment. We gather information on everything from mindset to movement, in order to craft a personalized program to get you unstuck and take you where you want to be.

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  • The Fine Art of Science

    Yes, you will sweat. But effort and intensity are just the beginning. At RealFit, we focus on critical components such as mindset, recovery, neurology, biomechanics, posture, mobility and joint conditioning.

    We bridge the gap between rehab and performance, crafting training programs as unique as you are. We don’t just train your body, we train your whole system.

  • Get started today

    No matter your age, fitness level or activity, we can help you get unstuck. Contact us today to meet with one of our kinesiologists and start moving free.

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We're located at 4396 West Saanich Road, Victoria BC.

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